Pool Party 2011 Next level skating!!!
May 2011 27

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I just returned form LA where I witnessed the Pro Tec Pool Party at the Vans park in Orange. It was the second I have seen in the last few years; what a blast watching old skate friends still killin it at 40+ years old. Mr. Miller, you skate like your 20!!! You are an inspiration. The pro division saw a step up from previous years. Highlights include 1st Pedro Barros overall slaying and blunt kickflip to fakie, 2nd Rune huge and a switch bs flip and 3rd Andy Mac with every trick in the book. I stopped counting at about 50 different tricks, his bag is deeper than Hawks…who by the way was skating in the masters. Andy Mac backflip footplant hop transfer from Square to round was nutty. Saw a McEgg landed along with some guy from the Dominican doing a 540 shuv body varial? I love skateboarding as progression has no limits!!