A Word about Parts & Service
We have parts. Over the years we have collected many parts and usually have what you need in stock. Often we even color match straps and baseplates and if we know your issue is a legit warranty we just swap the part out and charge you nothing. If you need a grade 8 kingpin or a hanger for a truck, we probably have it. That all adds up to real service and that is what you can count on at World Boards.

If you can’t get by the shop in person, you can send any item to us with an explanation and we will handle your request quickly. If you send in a board for us to split or tune, or bindings that need specific parts, we will unbox the package and get right to it. Whatever it is you need, we’ve got you covered.

World Boards is in it to win it for you. We not only have you covered with a huge selection but we service what we sell. We don’t CLAIM to hook you up, we DO hook you up! If you need a kingpin or a bearing, we can fix it fast. A regrip or a mount takes only minutes and is done right. Our shop techs are busy every day fixing delams, edge tear outs, full tunes and adjusting and fixing bindings. We split boards for a minimal price and leave you to install the kit or we will do it for you. The edge repairs we do often last longer than the rest of the board. If you have an issue with your clothing we have an amazing seamstress that can repair anything and even seam seal Gore.