Lib Tech Ejack Knife 2021


Eric grew up in the park at Mammoth and is now right at home at Mt. Baker and anywhere steep and deep. Eric’s dream board is designed to excel in all conditions with a focus on pushing freestyle progression to his backcountry playground. A powerful C3 camber body that rips the hardpack combined with a smooth early rise pow friendly nose built with a mild taper to stomp landings.

Obsessively detailed, scientifically accurate, surrealist Ray Troll depicts fish in a way that elevates their natural beauty to inspiring levels of aquatic wonder and deliciousness. Eric and Alaskan Ray share a love for all things fishy, banjo, and bluegrass so having Ray’s “Salmon fest” on Eric’s dream board is a natural fit. Shred / Science / Art / History.

BOARD ART BY: Ray Troll (@ray.troll)

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159 CM