Ride Machete GT 2019

$579.95 $464.00

Dudes getting whacked in the nads, kooks slamming… these things are awesome. The Machete GT also falls into this category of awesome things but, unlike watching your buddy knock himself unconscious back flipping off the ladies tee, it’s awesome because of its superior all mountain freestyle performance. The Twin Hybrid Rocker shape lifts your contact points off the snow for a catch-free ride in the park and helps with those powder landings. The camber zone between your feet on the Machete GT helps you hold an edge in sketchy take-offs and landings. The Carbon Slimewalls® are layers of carbon fiber and urethane stacked over your edges to help you load up the nose and tail for maximum board response and pop, as well as help power through mid-day chop. The Sintered 4000 Base is damage resistant and will get you to ski patrol fast when your buddy decides to “send it” off the big cliff with the flat landing. Our flagship all-mountain freestyle snowboard, the Machete GT is designed for advanced riders looking for a medium flex snowboard capable of forgiving freestyle performance anywhere on the mountain. **Alternating base colors cannot be guaranteed to a particular size. RIDE produces base colors based off of available materials. We cannot guarantee base color.


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154 CM, 157 CM