Spark R&D Surge 2017

$414.95 $331.96

The Surge is built for big days on big lines, and is preferred by our bigger, more aggressive riders. Solid baseplate design, stiffer Rip ‘N’ Flip highbacks, more supportive ankle straps combine to give riders greater control in demanding terrain. NEW for this season, the Surge will also feature our Pillow Line straps: lightweight, waterproof, ultradurable, comfortable, one-piece molded construction. Every piece of this binding is made in-house with the exception of a few screws and the buckles!

In the Box: Bindings, Tesla touring brackets, Tesla T1 heel rests, mounting screws, and Spark pocket tool.

What else do I need? A set of Spark Pucks, Spark Canted Pucks, or Voile pucks? We have them!




A little more about this amazing Bozeman based company

Outside Bozeman | Split Ambition : Spark R&D celebrates ten years

Spark makes bindings and related accessories for splitboarders. For the uninitiated, splitboards are snowboards lopped longitudinally down the center, allowing snowboarders to get around efficiently in the backcountry. Split them apart and use them like skis (with skins) to get up the mountain, then join them together into snowboard mode for a surfy descent. Rinse and repeat. Continue Reading

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