United Shapes Covert Split 2021

$894.95 $724.95

The Covert is designed for maximum versatility and performance in the backcountry. Tapered and camber, with an early rise nose that floats in all kinds of snow. Classic freestyle tail for fakie riding and maneuverability in tricky situations.

Gray rides this board more than any other in his quiver. The ultimate tool for exploration, from his backyard in the Sierras, to Switzerland, India, Bolivia, and beyond.

The Covert comes stock with new Karakoram Locking Clips, bolt-less base system.

Durable, and snow-shedding pebbled nylon top sheet. Safety orange, seamless urethane sidewall for enhanced visibility. New X-Glass in mounting areas for enhanced durability and board feel. New sintered 4000-grade, wax-infused base.


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