World Boards x Never Summer Mountain Slayer


Updated for 2018 with an all new white top sheet, this board is designed to slay the entire mountain top to bottom. From groomers to trees to park to the the steeps this board does it all. With a cambered chassis yet a bi-axial fiberglass layup the board is easy to manipulate between the feet. But it wont’t let you down when charging due to the carbon v’s in both the tip and tail and the carbon x’s under each foot. This is not a tapered board and it finishes a turn accordingly. The Mountainslayer has a twin-ish shape as it is designed with almost perfectly twin contact and effective edge. The nose is 1 cm higher than the tail and at the front contact there is a neutral zone in the running length to aid in flotation on those deep days. In addition a smaller linear strip of carbon runs from the front binding to the nose so the “Flapping” with bombing is reduced. Since the board can flex between the bindings with the bi-axial fiberglass layup the nose planes up and doesn’t fold or plow making it stay up in powder with minimal effort. The board feels like a twin on a firm day and yet floats in pow on a deep day even though it is NOT tapered. Get yours and slay the entire mountain. Designed by Jay, built by Never Summer with unmatched durability.


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160W CM, 163 CM