Yes Pick Your Line 2017

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Tapering a board is a classic tool in a free-ride designer’s tool chest. Pulling the tail width in narrower than the nose helps with floatation in powder and stability at speed. Problem is, they tend to wash-out or can be overpowered on the exit of turns.

We really like to turn. David really loves to turn. Turning is fun. So we came up with a way to fix it. Tapered UnderBite segments the Pick Your Line’s sidecut into three equal lengths. Each of these lengths step inward by a couple mm’s while remaining parallel to the corresponding side. Because the sidecut remains parallel and is not actually tapered (or “pulled-in”), the edges remain fully engaged with the snow when under power. We also tweak the dimensions of each segment so that it gets more aggressive towards the tail.

You get the same directional drive and float you expect from a tapered board, but with incredible edge hold and a lively snap out of every turn.

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