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Nitro: 28 Winters

Going into this winter we had the realization that this was going to be the shops 25 winter, something not many shops in this industry have or will say.  In the last decade many of the core, brick-n-mortar, stores have been forced to close their doors.  This has happened for a handful of different reasons, but mainly the battle against the online market place.  Having to compete against these giant companies is hard for a small operation, a David vs Goliath type battle if you will.  Which if you have read the story or watched the movie, you know David won the fight; something us small shop owners, employees and communities are all hoping for and trying our hardest to do.

In this video posted above, you will see a different side to the same fight.  However Nitro has always tried to stick to their guns and stay true to this thing that we all love so much, snowboarding. Give the trailer a watch and follow the link below to the full video on RedBull Tv, you will not regret it. Lastly, thank you for all the love and support over the years! We are looking forward to this coming winter and PRAY FOR SNOW!