Arbor Single 2023


Powder. The magical blurring state between solid, liquid, and gas. The headspace where gravity and sanity collide, and in their union, there is a temporary absence of both. It is the dream that we all chase as we make our winter pilgrimages to the mountains, and it is an homage to this otherworldly phenomenon that Arbor has shaped the Arbor Single Camber Snowboard. The Arbor Single has a wide body, a big Thunderhead tip, and an aggressively tapered pintail to float through powder like the Silver Surfer on a nebula cloud. The setback stance and directional shape make the back foot sink and the front foot rise, giving you the leverage to lay down trenches through untouched blankets of holy-wow-I-must-be-dreaming. Drop in, spray clouds, become one with the snow singularity.

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156 CM