Cardiff Bonsai Enduro 2023


An artfully sculpted freeride board that’s streamlined for the purest expression of a turn.

Our stripped-down freeride board, the BONSAI is meticulously crafted and refined with the essential elements required to ride big lines in any conditions. From on-piste carves to deep backcountry powder slashes, the Bonsai is an instrument of expression, and a favorite of hard-charging riders everywhere.

Enduro Build

The perfect balance of performance, durability, weight, and dampness. Vertically laminated carbon fiber is painstakingly laid up with thin alternating layers of poplar and paulownia. Poplar for snap and pop. Paulownia for dampness and lightweight. Carbon fiber for camber retention. On the solids, we use cross-directional launch pads in the binding area to transfer rider forces more efficiently to the edges. Triaxial fiberglass for a damp and durable torsional and longitudinal pop. Fully wrapped Uni-wall for durability and dampness. For glide, we use one of the fastest bases on the market, our sintered race base + graphite for speed and durability. On the solids, we finish with a water-based lacquer for gorgeous graphics. On the splits we use scratch-resistant, ice shedding top sheet.

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158 CM