Jones Aviator 2.0 Victor De Le Rue pro 2023


The Jones Limited edition Victor De Le Rue pro model Aviator 2.0 featuring a built-in stomp pad and graphics inspired by mountains in the French Pyrenees. Victor De Le Rue’s pro model Aviator 2.0 is a hard charging directional twin built for expert all-mountain riders who like to toss tricks and stomp airs anywhere on the mountain.

What sets Victor’s pro model apart is a built-in stomp pad that offers unmatched traction for riding one-footed and landing tricks with a foot between the bindings. Beyond the stomp pad, this limited edition model features the same tech and construction as the standard Aviator 2.0 including a full camber profile, Koroyd dampening in the wood core, a 3D Contour Base 2.0, Triax Fiberglass, Sustainable Flax/Basalt stringers, an ECO-Plastic topsheet and Traction Tech 3.5 edges. The 3D Contour Base starts after the contact point and helps eliminate edge catch and improve turn fluidity while the Koroyd, Triax fiberglass and stringers suck up board chatter and offer supreme pop and lightning fast response. The bold graphic features mountains in the French Pyrenees, Victor’s home range.

Jones partnered with Koroyd to harness their decade of innovation in snowsports in order to integrate a Koroyd core in the nose of the Aviator 2.0. This technology reduces vibrations, improves responsiveness and reduces weight.

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