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Clean style and great skating = Austin Gillette

May 2015 29

How fitting. I just returned from L.A. and saw this fun Stereo post so I share.

Shit Box Slalom 2015 from Kevin Nolan on Vimeo.

Apr 2015 27

Thanks to Willy Carter Chad & Kyle Cremers Dan my Darling and many others who pitched in to make this a fun day!  Congratulations go to Olivia Kesterson who actually won the women’s division and got overlooked in the tally for placings. Willy promised to get her a Golden plunger and a super tacky Hallmark card to make up for it. A great day was had by all.

Z-Flex: A Z-Team trip to Arizona from Z-Flex Skateboards on Vimeo.

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Dec 2014 10

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Built To Ride - Snoqualmie - Episode 3 of 4 from Ride Snowboards on Vimeo.

Nov 2014 24

Sit for a bit and enjoy Austin Hironaka and World Boards team rider Todd Kirby having fun at Snoqualmie last spring.

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Jun 2014 29

This kid has got a great style and is deserving of this. Note the amount of switch skating he does and almost flawless.