Saturday, December 16, 2006

Split it and get out there

If you need expert treatment and custom work on your board get in here and let Bob or Jay dial it in for you. We got the parts and the know how to get it done so you can get out there and slash the pow. Check the shot of a good split.

Tyrels camber

Ever wish you could put camber back into your board? Well look at what Uncle Bob has done with Tyrels board? After over 100 hard riding days on the board it is still rideable but the camber is gone, understandably. Hmmmm. Will it work?

Friday, December 15, 2006

Welcome to Answers From The World Boards Expert

This is a brand new feature that we're trying out on the website. We hope that this space will turn into a place where you read about some of the things that makes board sports so special. We'll touch on gear, setups, history, and of course, pictures and stories.

We want your input! If you have something to say, or a question for Jay... he'd love to answer it for you.

We're excited about the possibilities of this space and hope you'll pardon our dust as we get settled.