World Boards, Bozeman, Montana – By Annie Fast

Transworld Snowboarding Business, Volume 14, Number 6, March 2003

It’s Thursday, February 6, and the sign on the door at World Boards in Bozeman, Montana says, “We are closed today due to reasons of pow.” The “pow” in question is the latest storm dropping a total of five feet of fresh at nearby Bridger Bowl. In some towns this move might be retail suicide, but amongst the Bozeman demographic of parents who pull their kids out of school, doctors who write themselves sick notes, and Montana State University students and professors elbowing their way through the lift lines on powder days, it’s retail genius. Bozeman is a college town of 31,520, including 11,760 MSU students, with Bridger Bowl ski area just thirteen miles to the north and Big Sky Resort 30 miles to the south. And in these parts, the powder day closure just further signifies World Boards as a ‘core shop for snowboarders, by snowboarders… READ MORE

Fly By – A World of Stoke – By Dan Kostrzewski

Frequency – The Snowboarders Journal #3.2

In mountain towns, a solid shop centers the local scene as a gathering place, market, and classroom. A place to flex a few boards, get a second opinion about stance width, and trade closet theories about meteorology. When looking for the unofficial snow report, when faced with a sidewall delam, or when ready to plunk down a paycheck on a new pair of bindings, there is only one logical place to go. The town shop, in a very democratic way, connects us all with snowboarding… READ MORE